The Marshmallow Test: Resist the temptation of eating one marshmallow now for the reward of eating two marshmallow’s in 15 minutes, is widely considered the most profound research study ever recorded.

While the experiment may seem simple, if not trivial, the implications are profound.

Participants able to complete the task - and earn their 2 marshmallows, have been conclusively found to have more life success than their peers - who gave into temptation and the self-depleting forces of instant gratification.

Essentially, this ingenius test measures an individual’s will-power, and illuminates the vital trait that has been dubbed “grit”.

Grit is like a muscle; the more you exercise it - the stronger it becomes.

This blog is dedicated to providing you the tools to overcome the distractions that deplete our grit and will-power.  Through greater understanding of the human psyche, we can more effectively, and easily, lead our lives to the full.

Not only do these principles apply to us as individuals, but they can be translated into the business realm as well.  Problems such as debt, poor decisions for the long-term, and lack of employee motivation are a result of the poor environment that exists in today’s corporate world.

By applying the lessons learned from behavioral economics, mankind can overcome these issues, and - in doing so - progress, evolve, and change the world for the better.

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